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DAF SUV 1.19.x
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DAF SUV 1.19.x

For lovers of off-road maps.
On off-road maps many problems occur because of a frozen wheel in the air. Because of the absence of lock-axle and inter-wheel differential, the wheel is just spinning in the air and the car respectively.
I offer a modified DAF SUV “monstr”. Increased travel of the shock absorbers 3 times, redistributed the weight of axle loads, which were able to compensate for the lack of differential lock and increase the permeability.
Did the Elevator on 2 and 3 axis, on some road surfaces better formula 4×4.
In the archive there is a file with a V8 engine 2020 HP with a torque 9999 nm already at 400 Rev/min and 3000 Rev/min.
Gearbox on all occasions with the right gear ratio. Retarder, 21 forward gear and 4 reverse. The first 5 are lowered, the last 4 elevated.
The instrument panel.
Full adaptation to version 1.19
Tested on 1.19x


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