Farming simulator 2019 mods
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DAF v 2.5.1:
– fixed glitter wedges on the grid ;
– fixed fortified right mirrors (curve texture);
– added air conditioning in the cabin (then forgot);
– fixed small shoals , which were noticed by the buyers;

DAF v2.5
– the model is fully baked in 4K resolution(all the dyed part);
– spelled out in a separate slot in a/with DAF;
– one cabin Super Space;
– its sounds;
– two types of chassis : 4 x 2 and 6 x 4-2;
– the rear axle is raised on the “U” (English “g”);
– all shadows are configured;
– its literacka;
– reconfigured all mats and fixed reflection;
– interior light on press “O” (English “u”),reduced the number of Denisov,less if you have fps and does not hurt the eyes;
– a small number of tuning :
– top lightbar:kelsa hibar and arc;
– small tuning salon ;(upholstery,curtains,flags,deer,freshney(poppy),GPS,spiceboy the wheel,stickers on front and side Windows);
– cilia plastic/paint ;
– under the bumper: trim (color), kelsa lowbar ;
– roof: air conditioning(paint),the encoder+pipes,pipes;
– upper grille:paint/plastic;
– bottom grid: paint, paint+chrome strip, plastic,W eraser+chrome strip;
– the wedges on the grill:paint/plastic;
– under chassis 4 x2 : kelsa lowbar, trim in the paint ;
– under chassis 6 x 4-2: kelsa lowbar, trim in the paint ;
– on the rear wall of the cab: logo of the DAF and the dwarf (all chrome);
– added one kind of lightbox (diplom),on screen you can see everything, you’ll be able to draw a logo and it will be highlighted(in the readme to the fashion all wrote);
– taking into account all the wishes of bought;

DAF V3.0
– Adapted DLC Cabin
– For 1.24
– Lot of bugs corriged
– Manifest
– New Shadow
– Lights Replaced
– LEDs Replaced
– New Flare
– Lot of obselete attrubut deleted

Ярик Букркин, Никон Олейниченко, 50Keda, Wendigo

  •  chris4239
    2016-06-22 15:17
    http://sharemods.com/phcbrs0te1v9/DAF_106_510_Weeda_1.19.x_F__X_.rar.htmlzit deze maar er op verkeerd bestanden aub
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