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DAF XF E6 by ohaha [v1.62]
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DAF XF E6 by ohaha [v1.62]

1 plastic and painted optional variants for
upper engine grid (with lights and various signs slots)
lower engine grid
bumper (with high beam projectors and lights slots)
cabin fender (side protection)
rear wheel arches
2 side skirts available for 6xX chassis variants
3 windshield frame
4 engine air intake
5 chassis frames
stock (plastic and painted)
custom (with custom lights slots)
6 upper cabin back custom plate (with custom lights slots)
7 vertical exhaust pipes (one currently available. more will be built, probably)
8 reworked chassis configurations
9 option to remove cabin spoilers / hoods, or have a raised spoiler on B cab.
10 rear and front mudflaps
11  illuminated decal for SuperSpace cabin and roof grills w/ and w/o light box.
12 etc.

Update to v1.62
- moved windows decals model from dashboard set into additional side mirror variant
BEFORE activating the new version, remove the custom dashboard set (the custom decals) from any trucks you own, otherwise permanent red errors in your log might appear! The old windows decals model is now removed.

truck: SCS Software
tweaks and add-ons: ohaha
beta-testing and support: GT-Mike
definitions support: CobraBlue6
light-mask support: MisterOlla
windshield decals texture: Nodz

  • Jonh1982
    2016-07-05 15:28
    Alternative download link http://sharemods.com/e3n9ybd03jtg/DAF_XF_E6_ohaha.7z.html
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