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DC-Smokey and the Bandit Trailers 1.19 Updates
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DC-Smokey and the Bandit Trailers 1.19 Updates

I was recently inspired to update both of my Smokey and the Bandit trailers to 1.19 having downloaded JustLimburger’s Kenworth W900a Bandit Skin he just released. Together they make great combos for Smokey and the Bandit fans! Thanks JustLimburger!

I updated both of my trailer cargos to “Coors Beer” and changed load types to “fragile”. I also added both trailers to Mod Manager and tested on my current version of ETS2 1.19.

The file is a zip which contains 2 scs files. One is just a single version of one of my trailers, while the other file contains a second trailer version along with a Kenworth T800 skin created by Bobbo662. The T800 skin included is for Kenworth T800 update 1.02 truck not included in this file (shown in one pic).

The truck shown in the other 2 pics is the Kenworth W900a using JustLimburger’s cool skin (not included).

You will need to activate only one of these scs files for my trailer skins at a time as only one of stewowe’s trailers can be active at one time in game.

T800 skin – Bobbo662; Trailer skins – David Corley; trailer mod – stewowe

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