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Desktop Sounds – JAZZ MOOD
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Desktop Sounds – JAZZ MOOD

I decided to make a mod that replaced the original music in ETS game, because i was tired to listen that musics.
Each file used was obtained from a Creative Commons Licence, and free of non commercial use, like this one. No money is earned.
The files are some mixes, like I am a sound professional , the mixes in fact are four music in each file, so more than 20 music is heard and will take more time to get tired of them.

In addition , this mod add new Rain, Gates and thunder sounds, i recorded for a movie that I made the Post Producrion in 2012.

This is a Jazz Mood, so if you do not like Jazz, i will make another 4 mods with other kind of music.
Works ok since 1.11 versions of ETS2


  • Minimaltango
    2017-01-14 00:44
    thanks 4 that JAZZ
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