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Devil BDF Tandem Truck Pack 1.31 v91.0
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Devil BDF Tandem Truck Pack 1.31 v91.0

For Version 1.31.x and up (Version 91.0)
15 different tandem truck with trailers. This include all game trucks.
7 different chassis 4x2, 6x2, 6x2 taglift 6x4, 6x4 taglift, 8x4, 8x4 taglift to all trucks. 10x4 chassis for Volvo FH.
21 different cargo boxes. 8 for 4x2 Chassis and 12 for all other chassis. 1 for 10x4 Chassis
Accessories for all chassis, spare tyres, extra tanks, extra battery, extra closet, painted or skined.
4 different sideskirts for all chassis, one to use with closet and one in full length for each chassis.
13 different exhaust pipes to the back of cabin for all trucks.
Includes cargo for vanilla game and for WOTR cargo.
20 different trailers. 2 axles Coolliner, 3 axles Coolliner, 4 axles Coolliner and a 2 axles Short version and a 4 axles Long version. 2 axles, 3 axles and 4 axles curtain with straps (Profiliner).
2 axles, 3 axles and 4 axles curtain (Universal). 2 axles Painted Cistern, 2 axles Chrome Cistern trailer, 3 axles container without Thermo King, 3 axles container with Thermo King.

No trucks, trailer or cargo in game will be replaced.

[DK] FLVinge

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    alireza500, you do not have the Right to upload Mods here from FlemmingV or other Modders.Reported to FlemmingV (Author of the Original).Go to download and Support please here:https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=126098&sid=3fa271db04b55405cec9e0daa21d5831DO NOT SUPPORT THIS THIEFS !!!
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    Reported to the Author of the Original.You can load everything from the Original Link:http://ets.vinge.dk/?Mod=TandemMdOriginal Size: 887mb
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    nothing changed since June 5th 18
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    You dont have the right to this Mod. The mod is created by my brother FlemmingV Please delete it ! ALIREZA500 is a fake mod stealer !!
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