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Driver 1.39
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Driver 1.39

This is my first mod for ETS2 (Euro Truck Simulator 2). It adds hands driving while you enjoy this great game. Only works on left hand steering original trucks.

Please be respectful to my work. It's there for free and the only thing that I'm aiming at is that my mod can get to people that can appreciate my work. I don't got a big channel so if you could help me to spread my mod I'll be grateful. Share it but don't forget to give me credit, otherwise I'll not receive any feedback to improve it and confidence to keep doing such mods.

Gonçalo Silva

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    2021-01-13 00:31
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    2021-01-13 00:42
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    Sharemods link.. https://sharemods.com/91w9qmdv0r0j/Driver.rar.html
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    2021-01-13 01:05
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    It has to be one of the best mods to completely change the way you play the game im playing the game with a control er and i just think its fantastic its what ets has been waiting for scs should have done this years ago but thank you so much for making this great mod and sharing it with all of the ets2 fans great work and we look forward to se what you think of next
  • Peeweelulu
    2021-01-13 03:03
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    tout simplement genial exellent travail ce mod est extra supersur ats se serai génial aussi si possible merci beaucoup !!!!!!!
  • Well done
    2021-01-13 15:51
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    well what can i say, this is a cool mod and its about time. this mod really works and works well, so now we have man hands on the wheel , it be nicw if you could do hands for the women drivers out there as well. but as for this mod well i'll give you 10/10
  • Luigi
    2021-01-14 02:44
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    Why my e-mailadres ? Are you a hacker ?
  • Kothi
    2021-01-21 05:39
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    nice thankyou
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