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Early & Late Autumn Weather Mod  v4.9
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Early & Late Autumn Weather Mod v4.9

This mod simulates early and late autumn.

Less leaves on trees and autumnal colours in early autumn
Fallen leaves on sidewalks and sides of roads in early autumn
Leafless vegetation in late autumn
Autumnal daylight hours
Appropriate temperature readings
No thunder and lighting
No harvesters

Please note that early & late autumn are two separate mods and should not be used together.
Place above sound mods to remove summer sounds like insect noises.

Works with Promods, TSM, Rus Map, MHA, and others.
*To run both early and late autumn mods on Hungary Map you will need the fix included in the download pack.

Compatibility latest version: 1.25

Changes in v4.9
More leaves added to some vegetation
Some leaves made smaller
Colour changes and other early autumn vegetation improvements
Morning fog probability reduced from 100% to 50%

Recommended settings
HDR: Enabled
Vegetation Detail: High
Grass Density: High

Early & Late Autumn is a weather and graphics mod so other weather and environmental graphics mods should be disabled.
Early & Late Autumn should be given a HIGH priority in Mod Manager.

Extract files form rar file and place in Mod Manager


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