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Eastern Express: the opening of roads v3.0
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Eastern Express: the opening of roads v3.0

For the Eastern Express card version 11.8 and higher

- Mod opens blocked roads M05 and H15 on the border of the DPR and Donetsk region
- Zone on the M05 highway: the pavement and fences were redesigned, traffic was started, the yacht, the probe and the helicopter on duty
- The border is equipped with special equipment, structures, additional signs and lighting
- Navigator routing works
- It is planned to open a section on the M04 highway and further on the border of the LPR and Luhansk region

Version 3.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1. 39. x):

- Update for 1.39. x and the Eastern Express map version 11.8 and higher

Used models from the map "Russian expanses"

Authors: Valera_T, SlavikSD
Update for 1.39. x: Storn

Valera_T, SlavikSD, Storn

  • Vadim
    2020-11-25 13:14
    2 4
    Славик спасибо.
  • Reupload
    2020-11-25 14:45
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    Old mod from 2018 year
  • Kasia
    2020-11-29 11:51
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    Jak ustawić z PR v2.4.4 i PM v2.51 ??
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