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Eastern Express v4.0 + Update 3.6
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Eastern Express v4.0 + Update 3.6

Map of Russia + Belarus + Western Ukraine. There is a standard Europe and DLC "Giong East". To work requires a license from the established game DLC GE.

Features maps:
- Use any copyrighted prefabs to create original interchanges;
- Due to the incomplete of study of prefabs, the traffic does not move them in all directions and may be a problem with the display the right way on the roundabout in GPS navigator - recommended travel undertaken strictly on road signs in the area of ​​St. Petersburg and north;
- Driving on winter roads only senkventalnoy box or manual, otherwise you can not even budge.

"Supplement to the map, 41 new city":

Features additions:
- Lots of new cities and towns;
- Thousands of kilometers of new roads for the study;
- Military units;
- Northern Areas covered with snow;
- A huge number of hidden and impassable roads;
- Unique model
- A new kind of SRT type "flyover" (it is desirable to repair without trailer)
- The rest will find themselves :)

Game Version:
Serviceability checked on version 1.14.x. Compatibility with previous versions do not.

1. Orient Express 4.0 and 3.6 addition to the map, in one archive - 2 files, you can use the card and without padding.
2. To install the mod unzip the file and copy the file to a folder 2 Mod.
3. To install the card without additions, copy the folder mod only file cards - 01_eastern_express_ver_4_0_ets2_1_14.scs.

Download links:
Attention! To download requires registration on the site ATA Group.
Go and download
In the propagation necessarily keep authorship (full list) and original download link!
When distributing make sure to save the authorship (whole list) and the original download link!

Authors card: valera_t, SCS Software
Authors objects: valera_t, goba6372, STALKER45, Denlog, Gluck
Authors prefabs: Valera_t, FLD, SCS
Author models for traffic: valera_t, goba6372, Jazzycat, kosa6414, onixer
Special thanks to Yuri Senkevich update for billboards, Goba6372 model for bumpy roads, as well as everyone who has provided all sorts of information to create a more realistic game world.

"Supplement to the map, 41 new city":
Authors additions: frost, SCS Software
Chief tester and assistant: sowa, Tester: Olsestar
New models: oq37
In fashion models and objects of the following authors: Jazzycat, Valera_t, klipstoeun8839, satan19990, Bluetruck.

  • Bikkel
    2014-10-31 13:23
    too bad it's not for 1.13 is
  • Adsumus
    2014-11-01 12:14
    original download link!Where it is? Please keep the original link, or remove this mod from your base.
  • Birze
    2014-11-27 20:32
    Is the map compatible with the TSM 5.3?
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