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Eastern Express v4.1 Cyrillic to Latin Font
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Eastern Express v4.1 Cyrillic to Latin Font

I like the Eastern Express map but unfortunately I haven't a clue when it comes to reading the Cyrillic Font.
So, following on from this post/thread and using a translator and t'interweb search I've renamed all the Cyrillic Font names to Latin Font names.
"This changes the city and ferry port names in the pop up "discovered city" banners, maps, job lists and ferry listings from Cyrillic to Latin font with English names. Road signs etc. are not changed."
If any are wrong, don't blame me, blame the translator!
Any omissions, wrong naming, typo's etc. please let me know.
As Rene-Gad points out in the next post, this mod needs to load after the Eastern Express and the Morozov Express mods. thanks for that, and the pictures mate! ;)

v1.4.1 Initial download.

Updated 22-11-14 23.54hrs GMT.
v1.4.2 Corrections to errors as per De011s' post.

Updated 26-11-14 18.25hrs GMT.
v1.4.1b Updated to Eastern Express v1.4.1. I've changed the numbering system so the version number will match the Eastern Express' version numbers

Elmer BeFuddled

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