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EBlubTec Ets2 Mergmod v1.01
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EBlubTec Ets2 Mergmod v1.01

EBlubTec Ets2 Mergmod v1.00.000

This is merged mod for your Euro Truck Simulator 2 game

V merged multiple mods with support TSM Map and Pro Mods mod compatibility with and 1.9.xx game versions.

for Mainly our EBlubTec Engine and Transmission Technology for games

and also v made many improvement like graphic structure vegetation and lighting tech and HDR config for low config computer systems.

V R very specially thanks to TSM mod Developer teams and other Public mod developers


mainly v merged this mod for a conflict systems and slow down system performance for game speed. when multiple mods are added to game system there have a same config file in many mods.. so this was reduce your game system performance… v noticed this and v find a solution to salve that, that was v made this merged mod for yours…

there is no any other illegal motivations to made mergmod...


“remove ur all old tuned graphics, HDR, Ai traffic cars, trailer skin pack, peterbilt truck, Mercedes MPIV truck, and all truck tuned mods., Because i included all this kind of mods with better improvement..” 

==++ mainly v thank to all Other Mod Developers to submit Ur Mods.., ++==


Instal Instruction :

1. unzip with winrar the main rar file, and again unzip the 7z compressed file with 7z. 

2. Just double click the EBlubTec Ets2 Mergmod v1.01 program file and fallow the onscreen instruction.. It will automatically add mod to your mod folder.

3. Enjoy our Merged Mod for your ETS2 game version 1.8.2.x / 1.9.xx.

v need your feedback and presence to ours.. team

Merged by EBlub Tec

visit EBlubTec.facebook.com

any other feedback [email protected]


EBlubTec, and Official mod Developer teams and other Public mod developers

  • Guest
    2014-05-04 17:31
    Hi, if the goal dojerzdam fees wyżóca my desktop, why? , Please answer.
  • Guest
    2014-05-07 18:08
    wat u say.. v cant get right mean? please explain clearly, v try to give right solution
  • Rocket455man
    2014-05-12 15:15
    Hi!I have few problems.With short time playing I have found following (with ProMods map 1.62):- Krone Safe Liner & 3 VW Touareg trailers take hits even I drive normally without crashes- Peterbilts not work in quick jobs- Where I can found Peterbilt dealer (in Scandinavia)?Thanks for great mod.
  • Guest
    2014-05-17 13:07
    Hi!ROCKET455MAN..!!Thanx for your comments...as soon as.. v shootout the bug and release new updated version..
  • Rocket455man
    2014-05-19 23:02
    Hi!I put zz's in front of all the your files. And whole world become different.I would like the AI ​​cars headlights are better visible.And at the same time, I noticed that the damage had been reduced and Krone Safe Liner no longer taken by damage to the driving.I found the Peterbilt by MAN dealer on the internet.Thanks!- Real Full Trailer Combination Driver -
  • Rocket455man
    2014-05-21 20:26
    Hi!Map cities are not aligned correct, especially in Scandinavia.- Real Full Trailer Combination Driver -
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