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Egypt for ProMods & MHAPro V1.0.1
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Egypt for ProMods & MHAPro V1.0.1

Fixed connection ProMods and MHAPro
Fixed trailer wheels. 
Prefabs fixed. 
Lost Company in Cairo fixed. 
Some little changes, not to much, 
Licence Plates now working 
Gasprices are fixed.

RustyNail666, fixed trailer wheels vovangt4

  • Rustynail666
    2016-05-05 13:50
    This violate My Download Link !http://sharemods.com/avxyg0mo31q8/RustyNail666_EgyptAddon_for123.rar.htmlHere the [email protected] All Users:if my Download Link is harmed, the 2.0 will NOT BE RELEASED !REMOVE THIS OFFER !
  • Severe
    2016-05-05 18:46
    RUSTYNAIL666, There corrected that you could not fix it. download and correct at .
  • Jbk


    2016-05-05 21:35
    Severe, why you do this???And I do not know who you are, but one of the "Creators" is from TSM-Team... :-(And your answer is not an Excuse.
  • Severe
    2016-05-06 07:38
    JBK, I'm a fan TSM-team. This is enough to satisfy your curiosity ?
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