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Ekeri Tandem trailers ADDON v2.0.1 by Kast
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Ekeri Tandem trailers ADDON v2.0.1 by Kast

This is a tandem addon for the "Ekeri trailers by Kast" mod
Mod adds 24 variants of the Ekeri tandem trailers. All shapes and sizes :D Semitrailers have Tyllis dolly.

Ownable Tyllis dolly pluss all type of trailers ownable with many parts!

Changes in v2.0.1:
- Ownable trailers added

Changes in v2.0:
- Ownable Tyllis dolly added

Kast - Trailers


Semitrailer Wheels:
abasstreppas - original textures, high poly model
50keda - low poly base
Kast - wheels

Mid-axle trailer wheels:

Flares for the LEDs:

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    Here it is stolen, you find the Originals and Support ONLY here:https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=252538
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