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Ekeri trailers by Kast v1.4 1.31.x
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Ekeri trailers by Kast v1.4 1.31.x

Changes in v1.4:
-Update to game version 1.31.x
-Trailer Cables support

Ekeri trailers, there is selection of variants: standard, steeraxle, citytrailer, tail-lift, cooler, different lights, doubles, different side covers, real company skins ...
Main mod restricts doubles only in scandinavia, same as vanilla game!

Pack includes
-17 variants of the Ekeri trailers
-Lumikko, Carrier coolers
-Real company skins
-Double trailers
-own wheels
-Advanced coupling
-Trailer lift axle
-Company paintjob system
-Animated braces
-Trailer cables


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