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Engine Sound Mod v27
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Engine Sound Mod v27

(Patch 1.18.1 incl. DLC Going East and Scandinavia)
I Have time together so some and rewritten.
- Adapted and rewritten for Patch 1.18.1
- Partially new Ai noise (quieter at Interior)
- Extra sounds in different models
replaced honking of Trucks -
- All trucks new engine, braking, shifting and Turbo Sounds
- Daf XF Sound
- Daf XF Euro6 Sound
- Iveco Stralis Sound
- Iveco Highway Sound
- MAN Sound
- Mercedes Sound
- Renault Premium Sound
- Renault Magnum Sound
- Scania R sound (for the smaller engines and the V8 engines)
- Scania Streamline Sound (for the smaller engines and the V8 engines)
- Volvo FH16 Sound
- Volvo FH16 2012 Sound
- Volvo now all have the same sound
- Partially new Ai noise (quieter at Interior)
- New and more Umgebung's noise
- Extra noise at different models (ferry companies, ships, etc.)
activated rolling noise of the wheels on different surfaces in all trucks and additionally -
  adjusted the volume.
- Set new menu music as an extra mod because some did not like the music
- Scania T Sound inserted
Only for Henkis Scania T and the accessories of Packet unicorn0007
without the Mod motors V8 and L6
http://ets.modhoster.de/mods/scania-t-longline-reworked-by-henki-final-ab-1-14-xx and
- A few more little things

Change to V22
- Adapted to Patch 1.18.1
increased New Actros volume -
Attention, my Soundmod must load after Scania T and the accessory pack.
With me everything is running correctly with Zusatzmods:
not access all the mods to the Sounds
Hope you like it and have fun.
And for all the gripe about the file size, the sounds need halt much MB to reasonably well to sound. And another little thing, you can not please everyone and I do not want too. I'm doing it for me down to my wishes and divide it with you.
1. Make sure you have the version 1.18.1. For this you start the game and in the profile selection menu you see at the bottom of your version number.
1.1 Should you have not 1.18.1, you will download the latest patch on http://eurotrucksimulator2.com/update.php or Updater.
1.2 Performs now the patch application or the Updater by her she will start with a double. Now you follow the instructions until the update process is complete.
2. Invite you now the "zZzETS2 - Engine Sound Mod by Icemann29.rar" down from the source below.
3. Ensures your old Scores.
3.1 For this you go to "My Documents", then "Euro Truck Simulator 2" and finally "profile". The existing there folder you copied is now in a backup folder that ye previously as have created on the desktop.
4. Ensures that all of the mods access to sounds that you have used to date, once removed. You can then gradually add to back, to test whether the mods are compatible.
5. Extract the RAR file.
5.1. now draws the "zZzETS2 - Engine Sound Mod by Icemann29" in your "mod" folder.
6. Now you start the game and go to edit profile and sets the hook.
7. If you one of my V1 - 21 you had me remove
8. Adds now (if you want) a further mods; but checked in advance whether these with the "zZzETS2 - Engine Sound Mod by Icemann29" are compatible.
9. Enjoy the game :)
10. Do not forget the hook)


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