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Essentials Mod v4.9
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Essentials Mod v4.9

Mod updated for 1.26!

- Game fixes (EssentialsGameFixes.scs):
* AI fixes:
1. Added all trailer types, paintjobs and cargoes to traffic - Added all France companies trailers
2. Adjusted spawn values of various AI vehicles for increased variety - Includes the new AI vehicles introduced in the update

* Dealer fixes:
1 Certain customisation parts are limited to the correct configuration - Direct drive gearboxes are only available for compatible engines.

* Truck fixes:
1. Various corrections/improvements to the first and quick job trucks - Overdrive gearboxes fitted to engines that exceed the maximum torque ratings of the direct drive gearboxes.
2. Renault Magnum sunshield can be removed.

* Removed:
1. DAF XF stock left exhaust does not conflict with the right exhaust - No longer conflicts in the stock game.
2. DAF XF Euro 6 sunshield can be removed - Can be removed in the stock game.
3. Realistic reverse gear ratios for the ZF AS Tronic (DAF, Iveco, MAN), Mercedes and Renault/Volvo gearboxes - Realistic gear ratios implemented in the stock game.

* Real logos (EssentialsRealLogos.scs):
DLC only:
1. Adds real logos to various AI vehicles - Changes "Five" to "Fiat" on the Fiat Ducato.
2. Real logos for heavy duty equipment - Changes "New Land XT64" to "New Holland TX64".

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