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ETS 2 FX v2.0
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ETS 2 FX v2.0

Here is my own Sweet FX (Reshade) Mod for ETS 2.

I don’t like the HDR and Bloom Effect in ETS2, also the colors (colorcorrection), so i decided to take the Sweet FX Shaders to make my own.

2 Things to say:
* Scroll = Activate / Deactivate Effects
* Print = Screenshot (in your ets 2 Folder – win_x64 or win_x86)
(You can also Change the Toggle Key in Global Settings.txt in the Sweet FX Folder)

Install: Put all the Files in your ETS 2 Folder – Steam/steamapps/EuroTruck Simulator 2/bin/win_x64 or win_x86

1 more thing
Disable ingame HDR, Antialiasing, Bloom, Colorcorrection

If you have questions, ask me, i will do my best to help you.

**Please don’t reupload without my permission**

CeeJay.dk, Crosire, VinylBreaker

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