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ETS 2 Scania T Cab Slender v1.0
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ETS 2 Scania T Cab Slender v1.0

after some time, there is a new Skin made by me!
In the last months, I've searched for creepypastas all over the internet, and I came across THE SLENDERMAN.!
For those who don't know who/what is the Slenderman:

The Slenderman is a fictional character who originated in the Something Awful Forum in 2009. According to the description Slendy is be very tall and thin, he has no face, and very, very long arms. He wears a black suit and (usually) a red tie, rarely a black one. Some people think that the Slenderman also has 6 tentacles that he can stretch out freely to pinch his victims.
But what exactly does the Slenderman?
The Slender chooses his victims, he tortures them mentally over the years until they are get crazy, he reads their mind and after some time he grabs them and makes them his proxies, or he kills them brutally. Or he does it short: He chooses at you, appears in front of you and take you with him.
The Slenderman is also an ability granted that it (except to teleport) still allows him (or it's more of a disadvantage, because then you know: He is nearby), to cause visual and audiovisual disorders to electronic devices (such as cameras, mobile phones etc.).
Okay, stahp the storys lesson!

In order to get my skin into the game, you need:
- ETS 2
- A Scania T-Cab

Put the SCS file into your MODs folder, and activate it in the game. The skin is only available on the paintjob manu, the skin is called "Slender"
Have fun, and now, GO TO SLEEP! Oops sorry, wrong story ^ ~ ^


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