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ETS 2 Shifter-Layout Setup v0.0.1.1
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ETS 2 Shifter-Layout Setup v0.0.1.1

You know the drill... (I.E, too lazy to make a beautiful post right now)
Ever had trouble setting up your own H-shifter layouts for ETS 2?
Staring at the range-spliffer-majiffer.sii files and just going ?

Stare no more...


Start the application, use left click to increase gear, right click to decrease in one of the 4 corners of each gear slot. (Scroll wheel works too BTW)

Load - Loads a binary saved file from a previous session. (There are a few examples included with the app)
Save - Saves a binary file for re-loading later. (The app cannot load existing .sii files)
Save Sii File - Saves as a .sii file for use with your profile.

If you don't use an H-Shifter then this app will most certainly not make sense to you.


* Possibly a few but it should work as long as you don't kick it too hard.
* When closing, you get an "application may not have installed correctly" warning. Windows is stupid and i am too lazy to fix. (Rename the executable so it doesn't have the name "Setup" anymore and it should go away)

Copyleft, do what you want with it. No need to credit.


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