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ETS2 Update 1.21.1
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ETS2 Update 1.21.1

New in this update:

– Improved reflections in the cabin interior
– Fixed spider paintjob from Halloween DLC missing for some variants of DAF Euro 6 cabin
– Adjusted external interior for Actros 2009

– Added automatically generated Range-Splitter layout for H-Shifter
– Improved compatibility with G29 force-feedback
– Sound
– Improved sounds of tires and suspension
– Improved sounds for manipulating blinker and brake sticks
– Reduced volume of interior stick noises

– Compatibility with Cabin Accessories
– Workaround for missing geometry on low-end Intel GPUs on OSX
– Fixed possible use of incorrect files after switching between profiles with different set of mods
– Corrected vegetation sometimes appearing at wrong places in the map
– The hud mirror switching key (F2) now enumerates all combinations: both off, only far on, both on, only near on
– Improved road collisions


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