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Europe Mega Pack v1.1 by Todor Alin
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Europe Mega Pack v1.1 by Todor Alin

Europe Mega Pack v1.1 for Ets2 1.30.x game version

*Now you can have in one package all my modification to traffic I make for Ets2 (1.30)

New Version 1.1
- Added ambulance from GTSIV to city traffic
- Adjusted special vehicle sounds
- Added traffic restriction for harvester and tractors (needed for special cargo dlc)

This pack contains:
- Background Europe map (credit to Mahad110)
- animated passengers for default SCS trucks and buses
- parking bus
- rest place
- Etna landmark
- some improved gas station
- tractors
- new garbage truck and 2 firefighters
- harley police (normal and on duty) available in all countryes
- custom traffic system

Note about traffic system:
I was unable to obtain a decent traffic for city, so, I changed the traffic system.
Now, city traffic is better.
The weak point is that I was forced to allow city_truck to exit city (outside have a low spawn probability)
and tractors to enter city or higways (again with low spawn probability).
If I'll find another way to obtain a good city traffic, I'll change this.

Todor Alin

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