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Excavator with wider Crawlers
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Excavator with wider Crawlers

This is the SCS excavator with widened crawlers

I have also added warning signs with led lights, added Hitachi skin and also added it to traffic. All lod-models are also changed. This mod is also very low-poly.

Keep download links if posted on other modsites
Extra credits goes to pete379jp who made a similar mod some 3 years ago.

SCS, abasstreppas

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    I'm not so new to ETS2 but am to downloading numerous mods; which tailor the game to ones liking. However, there are some good mods that seem incomplete; to where they are not converted into .scs files for ones mod directory. Is there a special place to put these files or a way to convert them into an .scs so the mod will work properly in the game?
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