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EXP x3 and money x3 / more experience v1
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EXP x3 and money x3 / more experience v1

In this mod you get EXP x3 and Money x3 it works with all trailer mods. Because I’ve changed revenue per mile and NOT individual trailers coefficient.
Same goes for exp too, you get more exp per mile and extra exp for delivering ADR/Fragile/Valuable and other cargo.
This mod works with quick jobs and delivering cargo with your own truck. Also hired drivers get’s x3 exp too.

So basically in this mod you get:
– x3 exp and/or x3 money (also x3 exp for hired drivers)
– 50% discount for buying fuel in garage
– Parking bonus – 100 exp or 200 exp depends on which parking method you prefer.

You can download only exp mod x3 in the first link or
exp x3 and money x3 in the second link.


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