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Facelifted Indian Volvo Bus mod with Skins
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Facelifted Indian Volvo Bus mod with Skins

This mod is of Facelifted Volvo buses, 2015 onwards and contains all new Volvo buses of India such as VRL, Asian Xpress, Telsang, Kaveri, Hans, Konduskar and many more awesome new skins!
3 separate mods so that no need to change skins.
Also contains passenger mod to transport passengers.
Tested on versions 1.18 , 1.19, 1.20, 1.21, 1.22 and 1.23.
All instructions to enable the mod inside.

Bus Modders India United

  • Jonah
    2016-03-17 19:31
    Dude so long i waited that someone publish an Volvo coach and now you did it, THANK YOU you make an very lucky Busdriver THANK YOU :D you´re the best and sorry for my bad english.
  • Jonah
    2016-03-17 20:27
    I have version 1.22 and the mod didnt work , is there a spezial priority order or why my game crash when i visit volvo store pls help me:/
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