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FC Bayern Scania T model v1.12
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FC Bayern Scania T model v1.12

This is my skin "FC Bavaria Munich" for the Scania T of Henki.
Please upload the skin on other sites only with the original download link.
If I find this skin on other sites and with download links,
the I will never do something for the public again.
Thanks and have much fun with my skin.
Gordon Gekko

Credits for Scania: Henki, Micha-BF3

  • Gordon gekko
    2014-09-21 19:38
    Thanks for uploading my Mod here...Please remove the alternative Link from Modhub, or can't you read the discripcion ???
  • Kenny
    2014-09-21 20:10
    great skin ... free mods for free users @gekko
  • Gordon gekko
    2014-09-21 20:15
    @KennyThen make Mods for yourself...This was my first and last public Mod. Bye
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