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FIX FOR CONNECTING RusMap v1.8 & Russian Open Spaces
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FIX FOR CONNECTING RusMap v1.8 & Russian Open Spaces

FIX FOR CONNECTING TWO CARD. RusMap_v1.8 + Russian open spaces v5.2
Fix eliminates the crash after the last update of the map RusMap v1.8

Connection by sea. Ferries added.
Connection order: RusMap v1.8 + RusMap v1.8 fix + Russian open spaces v5.2
Russian open spaces vehicle truck
Russian open spaces vehicle
Russian open spaces model
Russian open spaces map
Russian open spaces
RusMap v1.8 fix
RusMap Map Package
RusMap Def Package
RusMap Model 2 Package
RusMap Model Package

Game version: 1.30.х


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    2018-01-01 22:21
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    2018-01-01 22:22
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    2018-01-01 22:23
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