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Fix for the map of Hungary v0.9.28a version 28.05.2018
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Fix for the map of Hungary v0.9.28a version 28.05.2018

Fix for the operation of the Hungarian map v0.9.28a on version 1.31.x

The fix contains two parts (two files):
- one part - (HM 0928s hotfix for 1.31.x byIndian56 scs) correction (adaptation) of the card under a fresh patch;
- other (HM 0928a new AI test by Indian56 scs), mainly includes new traffic AI (electric and diesel city, suburban trains, various railroads) and many new models

How to connect mod and fixes, their order, you can look at the video
Both parts of the "Correction" and "AI Check Mode" modes should only be used together!


  • Rs


    2018-05-28 19:51
    Please new download link. Doesn´t work.
  • Lingvist
    2018-05-28 20:02
    I just downloaded the link works
  • Guest
    2018-05-28 20:04
    Link works
  • Ari99
    2018-05-28 23:23
    My Hungary saves got corupted and new profiles for hungary map dosen't work too (its getting corupted to)
  • More accuracy
    2018-05-28 23:26
  • Guest
    2018-05-29 00:05
    same file
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