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Fixes for Mario Map v12.1 update from 12.11.2016
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Fixes for Mario Map v12.1 update from 12.11.2016

Fixes for Mario Map 12.1 (update from 12.11.2016.)

Updating files
ETS 2 Map 12.1_def_mat
ETS 2 Map 12.1_map
ETS 2 Map North_America
ETS 2 Map South_America

Unpack the archive, put scs files into mod folder with the replacement of
Error correction!

Author: Mario1961

  • Michael
    2016-12-12 09:56
    I dont trust this upload, cause i know the maker of the mapand i'm sure that ATS_mods is not the official uploader.I think i going to report this to the creator of this map.
  • Ats_mods
    2016-12-12 12:00
    Report what you want, this side will never take any download down!
  • Totto1010
    2016-12-13 09:11
    With this Fix the Map works. Thanks...
  • Cuacua
    2016-12-13 20:16
    I throw you out of the game many times
  • Demon147
    2016-12-14 17:20
    crash bogota
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