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[Flashing light update] [NEW] Special Vehicles Traffic v1.0
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[Flashing light update] [NEW] Special Vehicles Traffic v1.0

Hi, I present to you the first published version of my mod “Special Vehicles traffic”
He adds fire brigade and ambulances from random events to the road traffic.
This is a very early version (WIP) For now, vehicles appear without “blue lights”, because I can not do it (if someone can “mine” vehicles with blue lights flashing, I will be very grateful for help)
In the near future (if someone creates models with flashing lights) I will create new skins for vehicles, e.g. random Operating numbers, Military fire service, air fire brigade, etc.

SCS, Muszek

  • Muszek
    2018-06-06 07:34
  • Muszek
    2018-06-06 21:01
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