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Flexible Truck Physics v1.9 1.33.x
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Flexible Truck Physics v1.9 1.33.x

This mod improves truck physics to be more free and flexible.

v1.9 released. Changelog:
- Now compatible with 1.33 update.
- All truck physics re-optimised.

- More springable and softer truck suspensions
- More shaky truck cab
- More difficult overturning on curvy roads
- Physics is better when you using your truck with a trailer.
- Compatible with current ETS 2 trucks.
- Also, will work with all truck mods that compatible with 1.33 update.

Warning: SCS broke truck physics with the 1.33 update. Therefore, I can't adjust trailer stability. So, you should be careful on bends. Because trailers can easily overturn.


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