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Fliegl SDS350 Mega - Rework by obelihnio v1.7
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Fliegl SDS350 Mega - Rework by obelihnio v1.7

v1.7: Added 15 new skins; added Italia DLC cargo files; new shadow model (reduced polycount by 90%); skins are now saved with DXT5 compression.

Fully stand-alone
SCS cargoes
High quality 3d model
Advanced coupling
Custom license plate via skinning template
Liftable axle
High quality light-mask with lp illumination
Wheels included

Rework author: obelihnio
Original authors: BalczaK, Matias00
Wheel authors: EdekLs, Borsuk

Skins: obelihnio, Daniminho, DaStig

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