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Foggy Weather 1.3 - Season Edition (1.21.x)
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Foggy Weather 1.3 - Season Edition (1.21.x)

a new version was published by me: Foggy Weather 1.3 - Season Edition

What's new?
- Summer Edition (standart): - Added more variants of bad weather and light rain
- Added more variants of fog and changed color of fog to more gray
- Improved and made more realistic temperature and sun shining
- Renamed "Extreme Variant" into "Stronger Variant"
- Late Autumn Edition: - Improved temperature and sun shining
- Changed color of stronger fog-variant into a bit more gray
- Frosty Edition: - No changes

Please don't forget to set these new files, if you use the late autumn or frosty mod, over the mods by grimes, for correct working! (Higher Priority)


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