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Foggy Weather v1.5 Late November Edition
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Foggy Weather v1.5 Late November Edition

What’s new?
– New variants of bad weather with fog (late autumn)
– Added a new variant for the late autumn mod – Late-November Edition, which are quite the same as the late-autumn-compatible variant, but with realistic temperatures and more bad weather variants (I recommend to set your bad weather probability to 70%+ for cloudy and a bit rainy weather, while driving, to get a real november-feeling. (There are more variants of cloudy and foggy weather as rain-variants))
– Fixed bugs

Please don’t forget to set these new files, if you use the late autumn or frosty mod, over the mods by grimes, for correct working! (Higher Priority)
To see how the new variant looks, you can watch the video in this topic.
Have Fun!


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