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Ford Raptor V2.0
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Ford Raptor V2.0

-Fixed bugs
-corrected mats
-Added In salon GPS
-Added tuning
-New sounds
-Added Rooms , change the number can be replaced teksturku () on your ( car truck update Ford arkansas.dds)
-Standalone A / C Volvo
Includes template

FH, Elaman, Матроскін

  • Camilo
    2015-04-09 21:29
    where is the password
  • Flagon dragon
    2015-06-10 05:58
    how do i put it into my mods folder could you make a video for that please if u did i would praise you
  • Space cam
    2015-06-10 16:36
    can you guys make one that is compatible with ets2 1.18.x the old version have the truck but no wheels to fit..... thanks
  • Korea trucks
    2015-08-15 17:11
    what is rar password? and engine volume fix please and please make 1.19 version
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