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FPS Increase v1.7 for 1.18.xx
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FPS Increase v1.7 for 1.18.xx

Here is new version of FPS Increase 1.7 mod for 1.18.xx
Do not use on old version of game may crash your game!If you need for old version than use FPS Increase 1.3

Changelog 1.7:
-Changed few small things
-Lowered mirror scale
-Changed waterfov
-Disabled fake shadow
-Disabled traffic lights
-Lowered water fov
-Lowered sun shadow
-WARNING change scaling from 64 to 100 if your graphic so blur and bloom
-WARNING change dx9 to your dx version!If you have dx10 or dx11 than enter one of this
-Read instruction before do anything

Share it but use only original link! You can request mods on facebook.com/ets2modsbyblinkt


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