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France and Spain Map V1.8
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France and Spain Map V1.8

Changelog(from v1.4 to v1.8):
Removed invisible walls
Madrid Garage fixed
Fixed game crash in Lyon
New companies in Madrid
Map updated for v1.18.x
Other small bugs fixed

Works on ETS2: v1.18.x/With or without DLC Scandinavia

Nishant Boro, Angel Fuentes, Alex Orlic, Sergio Garcia, Christian Seuba, Masters of Spain Mod Team, FLD and Harry Goozee.

  • A, abulela
    2015-06-07 21:27
    No password???
  • Experimental trucker
    2015-06-13 09:47
    Hello. Here is a delivery completed with the map....Although, I did run into a few problems when going through some parts of the map. I hope a updated version will be out soon and these problems can be corrected.Picked up cargo in MadridTeleported to ValdayDelivered cargo back to Madrid 5050km run.(With the help of RusMap v1.4.9)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xp0joy1SrE
  • Bc_trucker
    2015-06-18 02:50
    Greetings,It's a nice map so far, and I'm sure looking forward to future updates with bug fixes and expansions throughout Spain and eventually into Portugal.However, there is one BIG bug on the highway (A630) to Bordeaux (on the overpass to Madrid (A63) towards Irun; the truck goes right through the highway! Secondly, if you drive towards Bordeaux, there is some partial vegetation on the highway which acts as an invisible wall causing an accident.
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