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Freightliner Classic XL Reworked v2.1 [1.27.x]
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Freightliner Classic XL Reworked v2.1 [1.27.x]

Freightliner Classic XL Reworked v2.1
- Standalone model
- Purchased from Iveco dealers
- Interior
- In the fashion there are new and corrected textures and models (interior and outdoor)
- CAT and Cummins engines with their sounds
- Some tuning
- Adaptation to Accessories DLC (preferably DLC accessories and SISL pack)
- Template and trial coloring


Authors in Rig'n'Roll: Softclub-NSK
Authors of the envelope in ETS2: Oleg Conte, Sergej Baltazar
Author details from a couple of other mods: dmitry68
Authors of various small things in the cabin: I do not know / I do not remember
The authors of the sound: basically I used some of the sound files of comrade Kriechbaum (exhaust, jakebreak)
The author of the wheels: they say that Ventyres
Everything else was done-redone by me, odd_fellow, and SCS Software

The author of adaptation 1.27: Nikola (Konstantin-Donbass)

  • Softclub-nsk
    2017-06-13 10:42
  • Алексей
    2017-06-13 12:04
    Идиот тупоголовый, Softclub-nsk это разработчики игры Дальнобойщики 3 (Rig'n'Roll)
  • Guest
    2017-06-13 12:32
    mods_ats иди отдохни, поешь, поспи, пописай. Круглые сутки сидишь перезаливаешь. Устал ведь, бедолага.
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