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Freightliner Coronado Original v1.6
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Freightliner Coronado Original v1.6

Bought in the showrooms of Mercedes 5th place.
There are templates for 1 and 2 channel and a pair of colorings for illustration.
Fog-lights will burn if put them on the bumper and include advanced front lighting on F4.
For movie lovers there is a separate cabin. Include in the Board. the comp tab and go to the table for viewing.
Cinema can bet its enough to have the film in .ogv format, throw it in the mod path:materialcustom and write it in the script tv_tuner.sii ibid.

v 1.6
version 1.17 below
Adaptation for patch 1.18, a little optimization model.
The animation of the steering wheel added to 1440 and 270 degrees. lock/unlock in the script anima.

Stas556, dmitry68, kriechbaum, David Otto, Joe Smith

  • Gamer
    2015-06-03 21:19
    game crashed when trying to open mercedes dealership
  • Hez


    2015-06-17 10:45
    Wonderful Truck. Looks very realistic. Best truck I've owned in ETS2.
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