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Freightliner Coronado v1.3 for 1.24.x
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Freightliner Coronado v1.3 for 1.24.x

–Freightliner Coronado Original for ETS2 Software Version: 1.24/1.23

- 2 interior
- Wheels
- Skins
- Sounds
- Buy in the Dealer Mercedes

Description: There are templates for the channel 1 and 2 and a pair of rasskrasok for clarity.
Fog will burn if pastavit bumper and switch on the front dop.osveschenie F4.
For moviegoers have a separate lounge. Includes board. computer tab and go to the table to view. (Coffee, Sorry, themselves. :))
Kyno mezhet put his own: to have enough film in format .ogv, throw it in the events along the way: \ material \ custom and to register it in tv_tuner.sii script there.

ETS2 Version: 1.24/1.23
Added a rearview camera and a bit of tuning

ETS2 Version: 1.24/1.23
Added new engines and PPC
Dobavilen third wiper mode
Full support for the wheels and discs
I changed in the interior chamber
Fixed manifesto

ETS2 Version: 1.24/1.23

Authors: make the initial model of the Ilyushin DB-3 (rignroll model)
Envelope CTA: I do not know / do not remember
Envelope in ETS2: Stas556
Alterations, debugging, additives, ubavki model and anima: dmitry68
The sounds of engines: kriechbaum
Residence in ETS2: vitalik062
Recent changes for ETS2 Version: 1.24/1.23 - Vladimir1203

Author adaptation: MaxaGent

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  • Maxagent
    2016-07-22 15:46
    ATTENTION!!! The truck has no clutch advanced functions with a trailer!!!Beware the truck Coronado when buying bonnet side mirrors - DEPARTURE !!!All smooth roads and GOOD LUCK !!!
  • Maestro
    2016-07-22 17:06
    Oh, how I wish modders would stop using google translation...Thanks
  • Maxagent
    2016-07-22 19:27
    If you are the author, when they themselves adapt your truck under ETS2!Then I will DELETE my link to download! SORRY!!!!!
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