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Freightliner FLB v2.0.1 Edit by Harven 1.30.x
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Freightliner FLB v2.0.1 Edit by Harven 1.30.x

- Standalone. Iveco dealer.
- 2 cabins
- Different types of chassis
- Their engines and gears
- Your own interior
- Their sounds (Detroit Diesel 60, Cummins N14, CAT3406)
- Your skins
- Large tuning
Last changes:
- Fix the positions of the driver's and passenger's plates (when viewed from the outside)
- Fixed light beams of small white lights
- The converted cab model, for a better match with the real tractor,
- All car rivets are transferred to normal map texture,
- All the skins present, adjusted by Lucasi and Pauly to match small changes in the template,
- Reducing the number of polygons of all parts. Now the mod has less impact on game performance
- New headlights, grilles, bumper models,
- Recycled two chrome bumpers,
- Added a colored version of the main mirrors,
- Added models of cab suspension,
- Removed old tube rack,
- Added 3 new tube racks as a separate accessory (two of them have many slots),
- Added 2 versions of the reverse lights, which you can install on these racks,
- Removed the rear window from the cab version with a window on the door,
- Added models of air tanks under the chassis frame,
- Added more details to the engine compartment - engine and gearbox models,
- The color of the engine changes when switching between different manufacturers (cummins - red, cat - yellow, detroit - green),
- Added a colored version of all chrome-plated sun visors,
- Added slots for all sun visors, except for the smallest,
- Added slots for spoilers,
- Added additional slots to the cockpit (available with an optional grill accessory),
- Recycled chrome exhaust pipes,
- Fixed scatter / normalization of the grid on many details,
- Added license plate Washington D.C (these user plates can be removed in the future),
- Points of fastening of flags for transportation of oversized,
- Added banners for all bumper models "oversized cargo"
- Replaced model wipers for more realistic,
- The newly baked AO textures on many models,
- Fixed locator centers for some toys,
- The flashing frequency of the turn indicators has been reduced.
Game version: 1.30.x (Will work on earlier versions of 1.27.x, 1.28.x)

model: Harven, odd_fellow, Solaris36, Sliipais, ventyres, vitalik062.
Skins: Lucasi, Pauly, Harven's Wife.
Interior materials: SiSL & JeyJey.
Sounds: Kriechbaum, odd_fellow.

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