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Freightliner FLB 1.24.x
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Freightliner FLB 1.24.x

Freightliner-FLB for ets2 standalone
Works in 1.24.x
Template included
Collision in fifth wheel
interior included


  • Jamaica west indies
    2016-07-09 21:45
    video please!!!!!
  • Bruins
    2016-07-10 11:20
    Hohoho))) The American second-hand in Europe))))))))))))
  • Alexcrazy
    2016-07-10 15:04
    fakenot standalone, replace Volvo FH classic, all files in mod from 2015 = advanced coupling don't work + many bugs
  • Jamaica
    2016-07-11 05:31
    the moder should have changed the interior and paint job there is none, no external wiper animation, it is obvious that the moder did not have the patients to finish this mod.
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