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Freightliner FLD v1.5.5 by odd_fellow
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Freightliner FLD v1.5.5 by odd_fellow

1.5.5 update changelog:
– Mod is now officially ERROR free. There are some occasional texture compression warnings, but doesn’t have any impact on gameplay, fps or whatever.
– Every pmg model has been updated to the latest version.
– Log won’t be whining about camera azimuths anymore.
– Sidesteps moved to optional tuning where they belong, please check out.


  • Odd_fellow
    2017-09-03 22:15
  • Odd_fellow
    2017-09-03 22:17
    This mod is considered freeware and is intended for personal use ONLY. Reuploading, reselling, reclaiming ownership, unauthorized modifying, in other words, changing a few things and calling it your mod is strictly prohibited, you will receive a report and uploaded file will be removed.
  • Nofake
    2017-09-03 22:18
    mods_ats - сдохни, тварьАдмин сайта - ты полный козел и дурак
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