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Full complete mod pack v1.0
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Full complete mod pack v1.0

hello people first and foremost I want to say that I have no mods made ​​all the respect goes to the modders I just kept all the nice mods and made ​​that they will still work because often happened that you have mods that dousent work togheter this probleme you will not have whit this mod these mods work perfectle togheter
in this pack are in total 53 files you most of them are changed and one file haves 63 mod in one the file named full complete addons for all trucks
Now about how to use the mod to me is the most simple that you have all the mods away from trucks and other mods addons mods just delete everything that has to do with trucks and start new account then you have  normally nothing of problems as a crash.
Mods like trailer , maps , traffic mods etc etc etc which may continue
For clarity, you need to take all the files with this mod if you see a mod you think  I have this mod you still need to replace him it could be that I have changed the mod so if you do these things then dare can't be any prob
one Tip use map truck sim works perfect whit this mod
leave some thing if you have  questions or comment
hope you like it and enjoy
If I get good feedback comes another and final version

hallo mensen eerst en vooral wil ik zeggen dat ik geen mods gemaakt heb al het respect gaat naar de modders ik heb gewoon alle mooie mods bewaard en gemaakt dat ze altijd blijven werken omdat vaak gebeurde dat je en mod en stak en dat en andere mod niet meer werkt . dat ga je nu niet meer hebben al deze mod werken perfect met elkaar
Nu over de mod hoe te gebruiken voor mij is het meeste simpel dat je al de mods verwijderd van trucks mods en andere addons mods gewoon alles verwijderen wat met trucks te maken heeft en nieuw account maken dan ga je normaal niks van problemen hebben zo als een crash.
Mods zoals trailer, maps, verkeer mods etc etc etc die mogen blijven
voor alle duidelijkheid je moet alle files over plaatsen voor letterlijk alles te hebben wat er met deze mod beschikbaar is zelf als je denki ik heb deze mod toch moet je hem vervangen het kan zijn dat ik dingen in de mod heb beranderd daarom als je deze dingen doet kan er norm geen probleem onstaan
1 TIP gebruik truck sim map werk super met deze mod
moesten er vragen zijn laat maar en reactie achter
hope you like it and enjoy
als ik posietive reactie krijg gaat er nog en final version komen

if i have to give all the credits off the modders i have to right a letherin total 116 mods
anyway i said all respect go to the modders to make all these awsome mods

  • Name
    2014-09-23 19:53
    Is it for version 1.12.1
  • Soso
    2014-09-23 20:57
    Link doesn´t work for me....
  • Rafael simracer
    2014-09-23 21:56
    Can you tell what mods did you put together?
  • Beth
    2014-09-23 22:23
    Please Can You Upload On A Different File Hoster Like Mega.co.nz Or Something :). Looks A Great Mod
  • Sören84
    2014-09-23 22:48
    De link have to work a lot off friends of me dowload it and work fine And about the 63 mods i put togheter is to much to say you want me to name 63filesJust download de pack start a new game whit only these mods you can ad trailers but Nothing of truck or addons mod cause then its possible it dont workClarity use al the files and use this pack whit trucksimmap And yes off course its for 1.12.1
  • Vilmar attenney
    2014-09-24 00:51
    You don't have freightliner cascadia and volvo vnl780? I like these. thanks for all.
  • Sören84
    2014-09-24 01:05
    i Will look for them and put them in the final verdien but you can try after you start you game whit the my mods as them norm they have to work whit my mod whitout prob if you have prob let me know
  • Sören84
    2014-09-24 01:07
    i Will look for them and put them in the final version but you can try after you start you game whit my mods too ad them norm they have to work whit my mod whitout prob if you have prob let me know
  • The ferrit
    2014-09-24 12:35
    Download link doesn't work, can you put it on Modhub please? Thx in advance
  • Sören84
    2014-09-24 12:59
    link works fine and i tryed to put it on other upload Side but the file is to big
  • Guest
    2014-09-24 13:02
  • The ferrit
    2014-09-24 14:51
    Thx Guest... That link works Great
  • Sören84
    2014-09-25 00:13
    plesure ferrit was me but on me desktop in straf on le iPhone i hope Everybody is enjoying the mod cause i dont get any feedback if the mod works fine whit everybody cause i forgot to say you have to have a strong desktop to run these files i run whit a 3,40ghz 4 gb ram en 2gb nvidia geforce special for Gaming but if anyway have a prob whit crash or a part that crash the game or what ever plzzzz let me no give me Some feedback if you like the mod and if iets working fine whit you Guys
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