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Full World Map by BigWorker & Mario
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Full World Map by BigWorker & Mario

This map was created in collaboration with Mario (Mario Map).
In this map you can find Europe, Africa, part of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, as well as South and North America.

– Includes weather mod
– 1500 cities

This map will be updated regularly!

Need DLC Going East, Scandinavia, Vive la France.
Map tested on versions 1.27 and 1.26 + DLC France
Map does not work without DLC – Vive la France!
Map does not work with other maps!!

Need download all 6 parts for correct work!!!


1. Download all 6 parts
2. Extract all files from parts to Documents /ETS2 / Mod
3. Create new profile
4. Activate mod first
Part 1  http://modsfile.com/ri02w9ttkahz/BigWorker_Map_Part_1.rar.html
Part 2 http://modsfile.com/rdwylql7ywuc/BigWorker_Map_Part_2.rar.html
Part 3  http://modsfile.com/2cf0f6bey5e9/BigWorker_Map_Part_3.rar.html
Part 4  http://modsfile.com/6gupn5154p6c/BigWorker_Map_Part_4.rar.html
Part 5  http://modsfile.com/n2bhrudztmdb/BigWorker_Map_Part_5.rar.html
Part 6  http://modsfile.com/7easdvyvfubi/BigWorker_Map_Part_6.rar.html

BigWorker, Mario (Mario Map)

  • Guest
    2017-07-11 22:17
    Its just the Mario Map...What is different about this one and the Mario Map ??Yes its older then the Mario map.
  • Amonrada
    2017-07-11 23:45
    here can download latest and real Mario map http://h-essers-virtual.ru/index.php/topic/163-ets-2-map-123-for-patch-127/
  • Arunas
    2017-07-12 12:54
    Hello or sis files are already running on the latest version or how frustrating it is for me to send these folders to me this 1.27.xx does not say what version it works
  • Sibir
    2017-07-13 17:29
    use real linkshttp://sharemods.com/7xf0b1iueoyc/BigWorker_Map_Part_1.7z.html
  • Sibir
    2017-07-13 17:30
    use real linkshttp://sharemods.com/s2pkmwruighq/BigWorker_Map_Part_2.7z.html
  • Sibir
    2017-07-13 17:31
    use real linkshttp://sharemods.com/6ngewr599jgy/BigWorker_Map_Part_3.7z.html
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