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Garagenmod V2 by SPT
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Garagenmod V2 by SPT

After 10 months, 7 days, it is time again ....
After a long work with a lot of sweat, joy but sorrow
our beloved Garage Mod V2 finally finished ...

There are 3 SCS in the ZIP. The first is for the Patch 1.10.xx, the second for the patch from 1.4.xx
the third and the only one that is open are all *. dds Sateien it.
tested under ETS2 patch 1.10.xxx

If you have questions or problems with the mod did you please report at the contact information below.

The mod can be uploaded anywhere with the original DL link, but do not specify Credits ...
Should not someone hold it, it will / be no more DLs by me us, I ask you to respect that!

Forum: http://www.spedition-silver-transporte.de
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Silver-Transporte/547468352000285

by SCS Software
-ETS 2
-Ai Lkw Parkplätze
-Ai Pkw Parkplätze

by Lupin_III
- Scania BDF

by Ventures87
-Penner Figur
-Service Point
-Pannen Pkw mit Figur

by Actros_Freak
-Wechselbrückenmapmodel V1.0

by Ventyres
-DAF mit gekippter Mulde

by Cristinel
- Ikarus 260 Bus

by Dark Silver
- Zmod
- Skin

by King Gokkel
- Screenshots

Alle Modelle gibt es in freien Downloadbereichen, wurden extra dafür erstellt bzw. sind auf der originalen Map verbaut !

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