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GAZ 3307-33081 v4.0 + Trailers for GAZ and ZIL (1.27, 1.28)
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GAZ 3307-33081 v4.0 + Trailers for GAZ and ZIL (1.27, 1.28)

- Standalone
- Purchase in car dealerships - IVECO
- 1 cabin
- 3 chassis
- 5 engines
- 5 checkpoints
- Your own interior
- Their sounds
- Support for DLC Cabin Accesories
- Own disks and tires
- Painting + Metallic
- There is a tuning


the trailer "FIRE-FIGHTING" has removed since. not enough matov and on v1.27-1.28 it is buggy!

added trailers from KamAZ and redesigned:

Trailers for GAZ and ZIL v1.0
weights from 5 to 7 tons;
Trailers are registered in 301 COMPANY
He installed ZIL's single-wheel wheels and repainted the body;

It was tested on ETS2: v1.27.x. ; v1.28.x.
Author: JAWA, Stas556, dmitry68, Mishan'ka, Phantom94, vovangt4, OveRTRucK, RNV_Nik1.
Optimization and changes: RNV_Nik1.
Together with the trailers added Mod:

Wheels GAZ-33081 "Sadko" for trailers GAZ and ZIL v1.0
made the increased speed of shock absorbers (for "Off-road Maps")
It was tested on ETS2: v1.27.x. ; v1.28.x.

Author: RNV_Nik1

P.S. Wheels INSTALL in the manager "ON WISH" over the trailers,
and before You take the cargo in the ORDERS !!!
Together with the mod added: zzz291_SVETOFORY_ets2_v1_27_28.scs - mod on the duplicating traffic light
(I have it with the version: v1.4.x to v1.28.x and works fine !!!)

zzz296_ROUTE_ADVISOR_Center_Top_v2_ets2_v1_27_28.scs - Mapped by me: I increased the WINDOWS of GPS maps !!!
Advisor in the top (as in the screenshot) on the track there is no "on-board computer" I put such a mod to see what "gear" is included.

and My mod: zzz300_Game_Mod_NIK_01_ets2_v1_27_28.scs - in it My physics (actual for GAZ 3307-33081 v4.0)
(the physics was made only for ENERGY and the power of the "retarder" + BRAKE) + (the scale works on ANY maps !!!) + economy_data.sii, + the scale in the game is closer further, + the scale in the Motor Show and the Auto repair shop + the BRIGHT rear light + BRIGHT and more blinking beacons + drops of rain, snow and mud from under the wheels + close opening of the garage door + loan in the bank to 50000000 !!! + in the traffic of standard tractors reduced engine power
(now creep uphill REALISTIC).

These 3 modes STAVTE in the very UP in the mod manager !!! (I call the names of Mods in the old ways, it's easier to arrange)

Author: Sergey Vinogradov, RNV_Nik1
Optimization, corrections and changes: RNV_Nik1

Changes in version 4.0
deleted "extra" files (textures, mats, etc.)
almost ALL mats have been changed;
removed not relevant for this model of the wheel (from Zilya, KamAZ, KrAZ)
Mod in unpacked form "weighed" 572 MB - now total: 54.3 MB !!!
replaced lights;
replaced by a "new" front grille of the radiator;
the textures of GAZ-3307 wheels (wheels, tires) are changed;
added off-road wheels GAZ-33081;
"washed" and repainted the frame;
the number was changed;
washed and added a "shine" to the color of the cockpit (now it is not "matte");
changed the dashboard;
changed the top panel;
made "rims" of instruments black and added a "shine";
the dial of the tachometer and the speedometer are changed (increased the numbers and changed the color);
changed the color of the arrows (now the same color as the instruments);
the color is changed on ALL devices (figures);
changed the dial of the fuel gauge (changed the icon "gas station" and did in the middle,
and removed the extra division that was before the division: 0);
corrected the testimony of the fuel gauge, shows it correctly;
made a "highlight" of the instruments;
the brightness of the control lamps (turn signals and stop signal
(now lit brightly regardless, turned on or off the "backlight" of devices));
added photo overlays on the door;
on the steering wheel a "black hole" was removed (added a beautiful emblem "GAZ");
changed the interior texture (side and rear wall, ceiling);
changed the brightness in the cabin (now in the cabin light, on the floor you can see all the levers and pedals);
the glass was changed from the outside and inside;
changed engines;
changed the chassis (the mass of the car corresponds to the real);
on the chassis 4x4 made an increased stroke of shock absorbers (for "Off-road Maps")
changed gearbox (GAZ-53_66 and GAZ-3307 real gear ratios);
sounds - minimized the volume of "pneumatic" brakes;
painted onboard body;
repainted van (made skin "mail RUSSIA");
repainted tank "FIRE", and on the back wall added an inscription - "FIRE-FIGHTING";
repainted tow truck;

Truck Author: Sergey Vinogradov, RNV_Nik1
Trailers JAWA, Stas556, dmitry68, Mishan'ka, Phantom94, vovangt4, OveRTRucK, RNV_Nik1.
Optimization and changes: RNV_Nik1.

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    2017-09-03 03:58
    je ne trouve pas le camion chez iveco pourquoi ????
  • Guest
    2017-09-03 19:16
    No truck mod in the archive, here full archive https://modsfire.com/2VQcfl94P9KoX8t
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