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Gazelle 3302 v1.0
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Gazelle 3302 v1.0

For sale in Volvo
Your salon
Own wheels
Their sounds
Added support for DLC Cabin Accessories
You can cling to some passenger trailers as well as fit the fashion for passengers
Works with version 1.27 and higher

Authors: Max Masakin, Kirill Mladshev, Artem Abbasov, Alexander Kuzmin, vovangt4, Sergey Sergeevih, skin poznansky

  • Stels
    2018-02-11 20:25
    No update! Game version 1.26The hooded man uploaded
  • Guest
    2018-02-11 22:20
    Upload by mods_ats - great thief
  • Лёха
    2018-02-12 13:23
    @Stels Я качал обновлённую газель которая есть на скачке, и она не поддерживала игрушки DLC Cabin Accessories и звуки были от Volvo и в старой версии для 1.26 тоже не было DLC Cabin Accessories а здесь есть, а это означает что мод обновлён
  • Лёха
    2018-02-12 13:25
    I downloaded the updated gazelle that is on the sites and it did not support DLC Cabin Accessories toys and the sounds were from Volvo and in the old version for 1.26 there was also no DLC Cabin Accessories, but here it is, which means that the mod was updated
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