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Gearbox/Differential Mod Stock&Mod v2.2
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Gearbox/Differential Mod Stock&Mod v2.2

GearboxMOD 2.2 by Snoman

Works on ETS2 v1.23 
Modifies:Cabin,Engine,Badge and Transmission folders.

To Install:
Download .scs or .zip file
Go to Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod
Copy GearboxMod to your mod folder.

How to read gearbox descriptions in garage
Example: " ZF 12AS2541TD R 15.86-1.00 2.53"
Read As: "Manufacturer,Model/Retarder/Gear ratios/Differential ratio"

How to read gearbox Model Numbers
ZF Gearboxes: Used in DAF,MAN,Iveco and some older Renaults
Examples: 12S2331TD,16AS2620TO etc
12,16  Number of gears
AS,S   Automatic or Manual
23     Torque rating x100Nm i.e. 2300Nm
30,31  No retarder/With Retarder
TD,TO  Direct drive/Overdrive

Examples: 211-12,280-16
21,28 Torque rating x100Nm i.e 2100,2800Nm
1,0   Direct drive/Overdrive
12,16 Number of gears

No information just a model number

Examples: AT2412D,ATO3512E,VT2514,VTO2814
AT,ATO Automatic direct drive, overdrive
VT,VTO Manual direct drive, overdrive
24,25  Torque rating x100Nm i.e. 2400,2500Nm
12,14  Number of gears
D,E    Model series.  Higher letter is newer model.


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