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Greatest Traffic Mod v16 by adi2003de (Update)
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Greatest Traffic Mod v16 by adi2003de (Update)

The further development on my trafficmod

Whats new:
Police Traffic fixed! i found the last fail on the scripts and repaired them

What about else:
This mod changed the complete standard Traffic.
All Cars and Truck get adjusts of power and Speed.
So it change completly the Traffic… on Hills there are no more sleeper . the accleration will be better …
All of this i changed the Traffic_Data up to 256 Cars .. So you get more Traffic.
Rush Hours included from 6 to 9 am and 18 to 20 PM.
Complete Traffic respawn at 3 o´clock
It is comatible with all Trafficmods. you have only to set this mode above the other trafficmods in the Modmanager.


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